If social media isn’t your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. Some of the creative ways we can work together to promote your brand or products include:

Content Creation and Photography

Feed your newsfeed with creative, click-worthy content. Your brand deserves better than stock imagery!

Community Management

I deliver customized engagement that keeps your community happy, builds relationships, cultivates brand ambassadors, and develops audience loyalty. I specialize in content creation and campaign management that elevates your brand’s reputation.

Influencer Partnerships

Campaign management for sponsored Instagram campaigns is my expertise. I will help you develop creative Instagram partnerships for your brand by collaborating with top-performing influencers to drive conversions and exceed your brand’s engagement goals.

Social Media Freelance

Social media is a crucial ingredient for small and large business owners alike as our world continues to turn into a digital age. I tailor my strategies to your business and use my years of experience to deliver the best solution for you in the ever-changing social media landscape.

Recipe Development

I believe in the power of culinary content and developing recipes as a part of your brand’s content strategy. My recipe development services help your customers purchase your product and boost confidence through on-trend recipes and beautiful imagery.